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Male escort service in Chandigarh-Apply call boy job now

Do you want a job in chandigarh as a callboy? It is a dream job for a guy. Would you like to taste the exciting life of a play boy? Start working as a call boy service, and you can earn extra money in a short time.

A playboy is a person who fulfils the desires and needs of high-profile women/girls and gets paid in return for his play boy service. Most of the escort boys prefer providing their call boy service in high profile resorts, hotels and nightclubs.

What is an Escort?

Male escort service is that boys who can provide paid sexual services & good company to clients. They offer sexual services to affluent ladies in return of huge money. Any gigolo call boy from any part of the world with handsome and hunk looks can apply for this job.

No need of any prior experience or educational qualifications. Call boy join instantly and start earning from the first day!

Demand for the call boy market in India

One of the reasons chandigarh call boy demands are so popular among women is that they provide a safe and discreet alternative for them to realize their wants.

Clients may be certain that their privacy and security are not harmed because the call boy booking are provided by professionals who are well-trained in dealing with a variety of situations.

Call boy service in chandigarh

Call boy job in chandigarh is a thriving business that provides men and women with friendship to meet their demands. Because of its convenience and confidentiality, this type of service has become increasingly popular in all major cities.

A Chandigarh escort service focuses on providing male or female companionship to their customers while also providing a variety of services.

Call boy job in Chandigarh

Which types of women looks for Indian gigolo service?

Here are some types of women who want men to call boy in delhi service:

  • Divorced Woman
  • Widows
  • Job Holders
  • Dissatisfied Housewives
  • Adult Girl

How to become call boy in delhi?

  • Register with our website here
  • Upload some quality Pictures and perfect Information’s.
  • You will get calls from Female clients looking for call boy job near me.
  • Attend the Meeting and get paid from the Client
  • To get better service and Dedicated help Contact our Agents.

Eligibility Criteria for call boy job registration

Very simple requirements needed for call boy job apply

  • Must be an adult that means above the age of 18 + years.
  • Having good communication skills to understand clients’ requirement.
  • Maintain a good healthy physical body for wellness.
  • Not addicted to any type of drugs or alcohol that affects the profession.
  • Must not have any disease that intends to like STD.

Why women hire delhi gigolo boy service?

Call boy XXX is trained to prioritize the pleasure and satisfaction of their clients. Women often hire for sex job in delhi to experience intense sexual pleasure that may not be readily available in their everyday lives.

How much call boy earn?

Call boy salary in india up to Rs 12000 a day. The exact amount depends on your looks and the services you are willing to offer to our clients. The more satisfied you are and the more services you are ready to offer to our clients, the higher will be your salary package.

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